Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stuff I want Really Bad But Can't Afford...

In other words, a Wishlist.  This stuff I found so adorable I just had to share, and maybe some of you will be lucky enough to buy.

I was on facebook, as always, and on the corner of my screen there was an add for a sight called "ModCloth" so I checked it out... and just about died of "Iwant-itis"

So here we are. Things I wanted:
Cute? oh no. Frickin adorable!

slippers.. on... cardigans?? Oh my!!!

A sailor romper!!!! I love nautical! And I LOVEEEE rompers!
Shown here: 
see? rompers= <3

self explainitory.

And finally, for the ones I want very mostest! My biggest vice, the one item of clothing that makes me all weak in the knees and all that jazz

I really. really. really. really. LOVE. socks. Tall socks with adorable patterns specifically. I want these so bad it hurts!! I just gotta convince dad to let me use his credit card.....

And The Winner Is::

Thats right! I've done the drawing at 12:00 last night!

(hey cut me some slack, I was emergency babysitting, and it was really late!)

And the winner is!!??

Drum Roll Please

Yes indeed! Yay! (Applaud now!) He's the very first winner of my very first give away!

Now Jabacue, because you are the very first loser or my very first give away, I still wanna send you something and a celebration and a thanks for being awesome with me!

Unfortunately I don't know what yet.
But I SHALL find something acceptable! And then I will tell you so you too can have a little something to show for being the first... erm... loser... But it'll awesome. Pinky Promise!

Anyways, congrats Mickey!

(Want a baggie? Just orderriee!)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Give Away

Yes, I closed it thursday at midnight!

Unfortunately this is county fair week so I haven't got to do the drawing yet!

I have to do it tomorrow or later tonight. I've been busy busy busy!
(I won grand champion turkey, so I have to be at the fair almost all day :[ ) But don't worry! I shall draw as soon as I can! As I type this, I'm on my way back out to the fair.

I'm so excited to have new followers! Thanks everyone! Bear with me while I get through this chaos!