Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stuff I want Really Bad But Can't Afford...

In other words, a Wishlist.  This stuff I found so adorable I just had to share, and maybe some of you will be lucky enough to buy.

I was on facebook, as always, and on the corner of my screen there was an add for a sight called "ModCloth" so I checked it out... and just about died of "Iwant-itis"

So here we are. Things I wanted:
Cute? oh no. Frickin adorable!

slippers.. on... cardigans?? Oh my!!!

A sailor romper!!!! I love nautical! And I LOVEEEE rompers!
Shown here: 
see? rompers= <3

self explainitory.

And finally, for the ones I want very mostest! My biggest vice, the one item of clothing that makes me all weak in the knees and all that jazz

I really. really. really. really. LOVE. socks. Tall socks with adorable patterns specifically. I want these so bad it hurts!! I just gotta convince dad to let me use his credit card.....

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