Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Few of the Basics

I figured I'd start off my new blog with a few of my basic items.

If you're coming over from my other blog, you might recognize some of them, but there are plenty of new ones too!

Here we go!

This first dress isn't something I made at all really.

You see, my dear old granny (who's a saint and makes great carmel corn) brought me this skirt that used to be her favorite as a girl. But Grandma can't wear this skirt anymore because she did the hug-able grandma thing.

Problem was, grandma's skirt was hideous (in my eyes). Regardless, it fit really well and I liked the styling quite a bit. (You'll find I'm quite a sucker for classiv/vintage styles.) And no one wants to get rid of a gift from Grandma...

So I layed it out on a white sheet (white draws out the colors in a pattern) and i sat back and thought of what to do with it. So looked at the colors and the patterns and decided it wouldn't make a good mini skirt, or a panel dress. And none of the colors matched and nothing looked good as a clash.

Well, then I had to go to a concert and while I was there, I saw a girl wearing one of those new tank top- skirt dresses. And all of those dresses were paired with just two boring solid colors. But now I knew what to do with the skirt of many horrors colors.

So I bought a black tank top. (Black being the best color to work with in that skirt). and I stitched it to the skirt. But it was missing something... So I added a chocolate brown sash.




Who would have thought this combination would work?

Not my most favorite or challenging work, but I like it well enough and now I can wear it on Sundays when I visit Grandma.

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