Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Very First Give Away Ever!!

The time has come! The time is now!

I am giving away this pink and black, retro, quilted messenger bag! Great for... Well, anything! purse, laptop case, school bag, present, whatever you want it to be!

I almost kept it... But then I remembered that I can just make myself another one.

So now its your chance to get one for free! Yes indeedy. Because after this give away, it'll only be available for by order for the price of $30(plus shipping)
Anyways. On to how to get this bad boy:

#1:: You MUST be a follower of THIS blog
#2:: Enter by posting One (1) comment before Thursday August 4th. Tell me you think its adorable, or what I else I should make that you would buy, or that I'm brilliant, or that you just really want the damn bag.
 (I'll enter your name twice if you mention it on your blog! just make sure you let me know!)
#3:: Hold your breath or dance around or cross your fingers or rub some one's buzz cut... Whatever brings you luck.

I'll announce the winner first thing Friday August 5th!

Can't wait? Want more?
I can do the same design in Purses($25), Laptop Cases(Coming Soon! I'm still working on my custom design, around $40), and Cosmetic Bags(Coming Soon! $TBA) as well as the messenger bag. Just email with what you really really really want.

I've used lots of exclamation points! Are we excited yet?!


  1. Hey, my dog Sophie, who is part poodle, could certainly use this on her 'day excursions' with her Daddies. She is a Labradoodle and as cute as a button. You can check her out on her own blog......
    Yes! WE are excited now, Colleen!!!

  2. Its a good bag! Kinda girly for me though haha if I win i'll use it in my next giveaway and premoe ya some more!!!