Friday, July 30, 2010

Super Shopper Thursday

Sorry I didn't post yesterday! I only  had time in the morning to check up on things before I was out the door!

See, one day a month, Hancock Fabrics sells a certain brand of patterns for 99c, which is a crazy awesome deal if you do some research before you go! Yesterday happened to be McCall's.

(A quick note about patterns; the two BEST brands you can get in my opinion are McCalls and Vogue. They have really clear instructions and awesome styles, plus sections for beginner sewers. If you want QUALITY in patterns, McCalls or Vogue is the way to go.)

So at 9am me, mother, and little brother(the kid has an affection for the soft arts....), were up and headed to Hancocks.

And when we got there, there was a happy 1/2 off sale sign!!!! Meaning, certain tables of fabric were half price! I'm talking stuff thats 12 and 15 bucks a yard. Yeah. Excuse me while I happy dance.

Soooo (I giggle every time I use that word on this blog...) Me and Mom went nuts. Also, fancy shmancy 'spensive uphostery and home decorator fabric remnants were under $4 a yard (usually they are 10+ per yard)

We got there at tenish. We left at one thirty.

This is what I got::

Those two patterns? they were originally 15 and 17 bucks. I got them for 99c each!

Hmm, so starting at the left, the two paisly patterns. They were originally 6.99 a yard. On the half off table.. But the lady didn't know how to ring it up and she got frustrated. I paid 5 bucks for both pieces. I think I'll quilt them and make a few cosmetic bags to sell here? Yesh?

The green, Im making myself a cardigan, because I do love cardigans, and I'm always cold. See the black and pink and the batting? Can you say more poodle bags? I have like 4 orders for them already. I just gotta quilt the black and heave ho away we go!

And the black and gray stripey stuff, thats for little brother. He's kinds of excited for his new laptop. And he wanted a lap top bag. My bad. he wanted a "laptop bag, but for like.. well... a boy." His bag will be prototype two. And hopefully the final one!

I spent 28.01

But my day was not done! See, before we left, mom spotted an add in the paper for a sewing machine. I've been wanting my very own for quite awhile, but now I NEED one because there isn't one in the dress shop I work at. I have to take everything home and use my moms.

But you can't just buy any old machine. See, the older machines with metal parts are the most dependable, and usually they're easy to fix if something is wrong. Otherwise you have to pay $75 just to have it looked at. 

Anyways, this machine she saw was perfect. I called the lady and she wanted $30 bucks for it, but she was at work so I wait until she got home. 

She called me about 4 and said she couldn't get it working, so she would just give it to me if I still wanted it.


It was an offer I couldn't refuse.
She still had the original book and all the accessories, a bazillion bobbins and some other fancy doodads.
I spent the rest of the evening cleaning out 10+ years of dust and neglect. I got it all oiled up, turned on, and it worked.


Also it came with the original cabinet in near perfect condition. I am one happy lady.

Then I stayed up way to late watching movies with my two best friends.

Gerard Butler is the hottest man in Hollywood.

p.s Dont forget to enter the give away!

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