Friday, July 23, 2010

Rose's Are Red

This is one of my favorite patterns. Mostly because it can be made formal or casual and out of any type of fabric.

I actually made this one for my brother's summer wedding. He gave us all about a weeks notice.

So me and mom whipped up a few cotton maxi dresses. :]

The Sweetheart Neckline is flattering on just about all body types. It makes small busts look larger, contains large busts, Makes wide shoulders look narrower, and pair with the halter strap, my narrow shoulders look wider.

 Because is a cotton dress, its completely washable. And the more you wash it the softer it gets!

The little sash accent piece is nothing more than a length of ribbon with iron- on interfacing on the length that sits on my waist. (thats to keep the ribbon from folding over and loosing its structural integrity. One of the few this that I actually use iron-on for.

Finally, is the lining. With dark textiles and patterns, its not always necessary, but I don't even like the feel of seams rubbing. For a good, soft, cheap, low maintenance, easy to work with lining, I swear by an plain old sheet. I save all my sheets off my bed when I get new ones. They're already worn and soft, and you save quite a bit that way. Think its boring? Dress it up with a lace hem!

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