Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Give 'Em the Ole Razzle Dazzle

First thing's first; I want to do a give away.. as soon as I get a few more followers...

Starting a blog is like a turtle on its back for awhile, regardless. Please send me ideas for a give away! Something I can make or put together that all sorts of people would want. These are the few ideas I've come up with:
Lap top carrier
Quilted bags (the Vera Bradly Style, eh?)

All ideas are welcome!

And on to the Razzle Dazzle- ing

Say hello to my prom dress. By far the craziest thing I've ever attempted and succeeded. 
It took three days to cut out and three weeks to finish and every bit of patience and intelligence I had.

I think I burned more calories just reading the instructions than I did with all the dancing I did all year.

Here is the finished project:

Yes, there are twelve miles of ruffles there.

And the back

I LOVE the side detailing. Thats really the reason I picked this pattern

And of course: The Shoe:

It was really my best friend's she from homecoming...but no one looks at shoes!
They lasted about three songs on dance floor and were off.

In the end:

It Rocked.

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  1. I like your shoes, so romantic!